Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aida Vs Evenweave...

Hello again!

I have been busy working on my hardanger kit (still ongoing so no pics yet) and it has inspired me to try stitching on evenweave fabric!

Now although I've been stitching for years, (on and off admittedly during my teenage years and university) I have never stitched on anything other than aida (with the exception of a tapestry kit). As I'm loving trying out new ways of stitching, I've realised that the background fabric is just as important (if not more) as the type of stitch used/skill of the stitcher.

This is very true, as while I consider myself a good cross stitcher, I have never stitched on anything smaller than 18 count aida (18 stitches per inch), so I decided to trial it, with results I am very pleased with!
The colours just seem to work, to give these earrings a lovely vintage look, and I think they look more professional. What do you think?

Conclusion: Evenweave wins!
I am now going to make a few more designs with evenweave, including ones with different stitches, more embroidery than cross stitch, and some seed bead detail!

As evenweave also comes in a wide array of colours, (which I discovered after a brief perusal of I need not be restricted to just one colour of background, which is great as colours are fantastic, and I aspire to learn how to use them for maximum effect! I can do everything I already am, and more besides on evenweave!

Of course, there is a downside, evenweave does require a little more skill, as there are more 'holes' and a standard cross stich will cover a 9 hole square instead of  a 4 hole square as with aida. (see below) which means I've had to do a little more unpicking than normal....

Still, the more fabrics I try, the more techniques I'll learn, and the more techniques I learn the more interesting things I can make, and the more things I can make, the more inspiration I could have, and so on, until I become a better stitcher!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Year, New ideas!

Hello and happy New Year!

I am determined to post more on here, and maybe start another blog about hiking (another passion of mine, and how I met my lovely boyfriend). Anyway, time will tell...

All of my current stitching experience is cross stitch based which I enjoy loads. I have spent the last several months increasing my repertoire of hand stitched earrings, rings, key rings, fridge magnets and hair clips, as well as experimenting with adding seed beads to bring out detail.

However, after spending so long making lots of small items, I fancy a bigger project. I'm a bit too scared (and short on time) to begin with either converting a photo I've taken into cross stitch, or in making my own one with the help of 'The Royal School of Needlework" design disc (which I have used to create all of my designs) so I have decided to go back to the tried and tested method of buying a ready to make kit, and getting stitching!

I've got a stumpwork kit, and a hardanger kit, both of which are recently discovered techniques. Stumpwork involves embroidery (something I've dabbled in but have very little experience) and uses wire to form shapes, e.g. petals, but more about this later...

The hardanger kit, a present from my lovely big little sister (She's younger than me and taller than me, boo!) also involves embroidery, along with some new stitches for me to learn. It also involves cutting out some of the threads to create cut out patterns. I'll show you how I get on later...

For now, I'd best get stitching!