Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday Finds: Wedding Hair

I'm in the midst of starting to plan my sisters hen do, and everything is very weddingy at the moment. Most things are booked in, and her dress and accessories are all sorted and sitting waiting for her at my parents house. However, there are so many small details for brides to think about that I'll hopefully help inspire you with todays selection of bridal headwear!

Loizou Designs' delicate flower tiara is perfect for the boho bride, or those who just want to get back to nature. I love the fairy-like softness of this intricate design, helping you be a fairy princess for a day.

 If you've spent years dreaming of being a princess bride on your wedding day, and glitz, glam and glitter and sparkling throughout your big day, then check out this Swarovski crystal tiara by Hollywood Designs UK, it could be just the one for you.
If understated elegance is what you're looking for you can't go wrong with these pretty pink pearl and sparkling Swarovski crystal hair pins from jewellery made by me. Alternatively they would dress up your bridesmaids hair as a perfect compliment to your own.
For something a bit different how about trying out some kanzashi? These beautiful flowers are hand folded by the very talented Kitty Kanzashi to create a lovely, unusual bridal hair piece. Make you're extra special by ordering a unique custom made design.
Bewitching Lace don't lie. This beautiful hair comb and veil have indeed bewitched me. Easy to wear, and without a need to worry about getting tangled in a long veil, this is a great answer to those who want a traditional little something!
Enjoy getting hitched!
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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cross Stitch Chairs!

Even the most of active amongst us need somewhere comfy to perch our bottoms and take things slow for a moment. Those of us who are less active, (or just frantically working on a dozen projects at once) definitely need somewhere cosy to create beautiful embroideries. However, there is a downside to stitching so much, what do you do with all of your finished cross stitches. Obviously you frame them and hang them around the house, but what if you've already done that with lots of pieces? Make smaller projects to give away as cards, or small useful things like bookmarks, tissue box holders, and small hanging ornaments. No doubt many of you have made cross stitch cushions, there is even plenty of kits out there designed for that very purpose.
Well, some people have got their creative juices flowing, and gone one step further. How about a chair?

This geometric designed chair is the child of thrifty crafter Cintia, author of the fabulous blog. I love her crafty ideas, and the best bit, she up cycles many items, rejuvenating them in unique ways to give them a new lease of life.

Vivian  of Nordic Needle is another blogger and an avid cross stitcher. She has been stitching for years, and with all of that experience behind her she adapted patterns of bird cross stitches to upholster 12 dinning room chairs! There's a lady with a lot of stitching time and prowess!

Johan Lindsten is a Swedish designer who is giving vintage cross stitches a new lease of life by using them to create feature chairs. These look so modern and chic, they would look great in a thoroughly modern, minimalistic room. I absolutely love these chairs!

After all that inspiration why not have a go at making your own. Not sure you'll have time to make a full sized chair? Then check out this little cross stitch chair project at Cut Out And Keep to look after all your stitching accessories. This would be so useful, and will make a cute ornament when you're not stitching away!

Happy Stitching!

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday Finds: New Home

Phew! It's been a busy few weeks since I got back from my holiday (you can read a bit about it on my new travel blog, although I have not had much opportunity to write much about my trip to Andorra and Northern Spain, as things have been pretty hectic because... I've been house hunting! With completion date not yet confirmed (but hopefully just around the corner) and a house mostly devoid of furniture I have been spending my free time searching for advertise and looking around house shares, and I am very happy to say I will be moving tomorrow! The house I'm moving to is lovely, closer to work and close to shops, but most importantly I'll be living with two lovely singles girls about my age, which is great as most of my friends are coupled up, and having been single since my long term relationship ended in January, I'm very much looking forward to making some single friends!
The only downside is that packing takes ages, (probably partly because I spent a fair while sorting out my crafting bits and pieces) but I can't wait until it's done and I'm all moved in, hence my new home inspired post today!

For a quirky new home present how about these cute jam biscuits from Bee's bakery. Take them round to a new neighbour along with some mugs, teabags and milk and you'll soon have new friends!

Brighten up your new walls with Red Post Box's wall d├ęcor.  A happy house is what makes it your home, and this shabby chic poster is a perfect reminder of that.

For a friend or family member who's moving, help make their new home satisfaction even greater with a personalised card from Sharon Langdon. I love the doodle effect of this card, (I spent many hours doodling at school, sorry mum and dad). Check out her other artwork too.

Meiorigami have created this beautiful book lovers gift by carefully folding the pages of an old library book. It's a very unique idea of rejuvenating an old book, and best of all, as it doesn't damage the book it could still be read should you wish too. Make sure you take a look at the other words available.

Textile art is very popular right now, and for good reason. It is very homely and great for giving your home a colourful, shabby chic splurge. I love the colours  Naisy Homemade has used for this applique 'Home Sweet Home' picture.

Happy New Home!

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday Finds: Faces

Hello! I am back again! Sorry for my absence of late, things have been pretty hectic and stressful these past two weeks, what with work being so busy and me frantically house-hunting, but I am back online and raring to go!

While I was on holiday (I spent 2 weeks traveling around Andorra and Catalan is Spain) I met loads of lovely people, from many different countries, including Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovinia! There were lots of new faces, and I can happily say that the vast majority of them were happy and friendly (the less friendly ones were mostly due to a language barrier) so this weeks post is dedicated to all of the new faces, and the lovely people behind them, that I met when I was away. P.S. if you want to read more about my holiday, I've started to write about it on a brand new blog!

Who isn't mesmerised by this Canvas painting of a fiery red head with enchanting blue eyes? I find her wide eyed stare drawing me in, I want to know more. For this beautiful artwork and others like it head over to the talented Alice Mason.

Ice cool fantasy is order of the day at Cross Stitch Nerd There must be something about the eyes again, I want to discover her secret. This beautiful cross stitch pattern reminds me of all the reasons why I'm stitching Shh Now.

Happy Turtle Crafts are the cool kids behind this funky face footwear. You will be way too cool for skool in these fabulous hand painted canvas shoes. Even better, the design is customisable, so you can choose your favourite character!

I adore a cheeky wink, however some of us are better at doing them than others. For some unknown reason I can only wink closing my left eye, and seem to screw up most of my face in the process. IM Creations have solved the problem though, with this monochrome Fornasetti wink scrabble tile pendant.

JohnNovis is the person behind this faded portrait print. I love the unusual fade effect, and the way it enhances her features even more. This beautiful face print is available as a downloadable transfer, so you can print it on whatever you'd like!

Happy head hunting!

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