Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday Finds: Denim Delights.

For reasons unfathomable, I have always wanted to be the owner of a denim skirt. It was only 2 weeks ago when my denim fashion desire was finally sated, with the purchase of a cute short denim skirt on a shopping trip to Meadowhall. Needless to say, it has already been taken out plenty of times since I got it. Denim, however, does not to be restricted to items of clothing, here a just a few other ideas to give your life a splash of denim.

A cute denim bag is the obvious alternative to clothing. I adore this tote bag by Poppy Patchwork. The band of daisies gives this patchwork piece a feminine edge, and the beaded cord ties make it perfect for hauling your gear around this summer.

Craftbox Creations have made this beautiful latch hook rug in a fabulous flower and butterfly design, using pieces of denim. It looks so soft and comfy that I want to wriggle my bare toes amongst it!

For something a bit more unusual, head over to Les Bijoux De Claire for this statement denim rose necklace. It will definitely give your outfit a unique cool look. Who knew denim could be so elegant?

Kids love denim too, so how about treating your little girl to a cute pony toy this to keep her and her friends busy this summer? Ptarrh have made this fabulous denim horse cuddly toy, which will make your child the envy of her pals.

 Add a splash of floral colour  to your blue denim like MinXtures have for this cute appliqued cushion. It would look great in a teenage girls bedroom, or for your sofa to relax on in front of a good movie.
Happy Shopping!

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dolphin Latch Hook Rug Kit

I was given a dolphin latch hook kit when I was a teenager. Amazingly, it is still for sale (after at least 10years)!

I fondly remember many evenings spent in front of the TV, surrounded my family as I happily made knot after knot, line after line. It was very simple to make, and I found it a very therapeutic task. The canvas was printed with the pattern, the wool threads were all cut to size and there were several bunches with all the colours tightly wrapped, to avoid losing them. If you have never tried doing any latch hook kits, I fully recommend it. It is very repetitive work, but seeing the pattern unfurl is very satisfying, and it is definitely quicker than cross stitch or other forms of embroidery. I'd actually quite like to do another, maybe some cushions?
The dolphin latch hook kit could be used either as a rug or as a wall hanging, I decided to keep it as a rug, mostly because that was the easiest option. Throughout my teenage years and very early 20s it had it's place on my bedroom floor, just in front of the window and radiator. I carefully positioned it to avoid walking on it too much. Then when I bought a house several years ago, it finally followed me to Sheffield and once again was placed by the window, but this time in the living room so all could see. Unfortunately, it had my now had some red paint spilled on it, which I attempted to wash off as well as I could. Now the house is sold, and I will be moving soon, so it is time to part ways with it once more. Hopefully this temporary separation won't be for too long, and it may once again take pride of place in my old bedroom at my parents house.
Happy Rug Making!
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

WIP: Shh Now

Recently I have been stitching away on my first ever monochrome and portrait cross stitch. You may remember that I began stitching the cross stitch pattern for Shh now from Heaven and Earth Designs back in March. I'm really enjoying stitching it, there are areas of block colour which are pretty quick to complete, interspersed with more patchy areas, to keep it interesting.

Here is where I'd got to in my update from March.

As you can see most of what I had done was white block, which was fairly boring, so I was pleased to reach her hair. I can proudly say that I finished Page 1 on Friday, and here's the picture to prove it!

As you can see her face is taking shape nicely. I can't wait to finish her eye, as it was one of the features of this cross stitch chart that drew me to embroider it. I have spent the last couple of evenings stitching away, so it shouldn't be too long before her eye is completed! Anyway, enough nattering, bring on the needle and threads!

Happy stitching!

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday Finds:Girls Night Out

As you may have guessed, Inspiration for this weeks Friday Finds is a girls night out! I'm out in Sheffield tonight with some girls I used to play netball with, and who I haven't seen in ages! (can you tell I'm excited?) In preparation, here a few essentials for a fun Girls Night Out!

Obviously a show stopping dress is the first requirement. For a sexy figure hugging dress that will ensure you stand out from the crowd, dare to bare in this backless number by the dress collections, check out their other styles too.

Spruce up your old pair of heels with these cute clip on bows from Shoe Clips Only. These are perfect for giving your tired old shoes a new lease of life, or for simply making them suitable for any occasion. Fell good when you save yourself money by buying these instead of a new pair of shoes.

Constructivism have designed this fabulous clutch pattern for the thrifty stitchers amongst us. The simple design ensure it'll be the perfect accessory for your night out, and by making it yourself you can ensure your bag is exactly the right colour!   

No night out outfit is complete with some statement jewellery. This lacy black cuff bracelet is a sexy piece perfect for the vintage lover, the gothic girl, or lace admirer. head over to Decoromancer for this and many other statement pieces.

This tank top by Economy Grocery is more cool than classy, but is perfect for an afternoon relaxing in the beer garden. I had to include it when I saw the caption, 'This girl needs a beer' it's very adapt! I want one!

Have a fun girls night out!

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fathers Day Card

Happy Fathers Day!

Here is the card I made for my dad this year.

It was really easy to make, I just cut out all the shapes using some of the multitudes of my craft paper stash (there's plenty more where that came from) and glued them on using PVA. I then added some sequins and a bit of ribbon which I managed to twist and which dried on wonky, but never mind. It (hopefully) adds to the shabby chic theme.
My dad really is a star, so he definitely deserves to hear it! he's been very good as my handy man around the house. I helped him to give the garden a fabulous make over a few years ago, and he's come and sorted out a multitude of small household jobs for me too. He's always very supportive, (sometimes over protective) and gives me plenty of advice (sometimes too much) but he has always been there for me and always will be when I need him again. Thanks dad for being a star!

Happy Fathers Day!

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Jewellery Sale: Cross Stitch Rings

Hooray! I've just accepted an offer for my house. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while may recall that my boyfriend and I broke up at the beginning of the year, and so had to put our house on the market. After several months of lots of viewings, culminating in dropping the price and my parents coming up to help me clear out some things, and making the house look more like a show house the hard work and patience has finally paid off.

That means the hard part starts next, as I will have to find somewhere else to live while having a very short term work contract (currently until the end of September, we'll hopefully have completed the sale in August). Eek! Obviously until I know what's happening with work/ house sale dates I can't actually look for anywhere to move too, but I can start with one very important job. Beginning to have a clear out of all my stuff. I have 2 bags of books and 1 bin bag of clothes to go to charity shops, and a lot of my cross stitch jewellery to sell. (There's no point taking it all with me as I'll probably rent a room in a shared house, so I won't have nearly as much space as I do now). This is good news for you, my dear readers, as it culminates in a JEWELLERY SALE! So, today, I'm going to list several of my cross stitch things for a quick sale on my blog. I will continue to have a 'sale page' with new items on it each week or so, until (hopefully) it's all sold! I have quite a lot of it, so it may take a while.

Today I'm going to start with some of my cross stitch rings. These would normally be £6 each but they are all for sale at half price, only £3 each. UK P+P is via Royal Mail 1st Class Post and is £1.50. I will combine postage for multiple items.

All rings are adjustable so they will fit most finger sizes. The cross stitch design is approximately 1.5cm in diameter. Please take care to not get the rings wet as the colours may run.

If you would like to purchase any of my rings, please email me at or leave a comment below with your email address and I will contact you. Matching earrings and in some case pendants or hairclips may also be available, please email me if you are interested in a set.

Thanks for looking, here goes!


Silver Heart                          Red Heart 
Pale Pink Heart                     Gold Heart 
 White Heart                    Maroon Heart
 Pink Heart
 2 Tone Orange Butterfly               Orange Butterfly      
Red Butterfly                    Hot Pink Butterfly 
    Pale Pink Butterfly            2 Tone Blue Butterfly 
Thanks for looking. More will be coming soon!
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Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Finds: Barbeque!

Last weekend I hosted my first Barbeque of the year! (And my second!) It was lovely to relax in the garden with my parents (BBQ no.1) and then my friends (BBQ no.2) smelling the charcoal and grilled meat. delicious. I have missed BBQ's over the long winter months, and I definitely intend to make the most of my garden by having more Barbeques soon. have you been making the most of the sun with a tasty meaty BBQ? Sadly I have none planned for this weekend, so instead I've discovered some fabulous BBQ inspired items on etsy to tide me over.

You can't have a Barbeque without fire. Unfortunately most BBQ's don't look particularly attractive. If you want to make your Barbeque a garden feature then how about this stylish decahedron Barbeque from Dog Biscuit Designs. They also make square and pentagonal fire pits to increase the heat!

These saucy BBQ pin up girls are busy keeping the smoke down. Instead, turn up the heat by using these vintage cards by In Grips We Trust as invitations to your Barbeque, or as a cheeky birthday card for your friend who can't get enough of Barbeques!

There is something about barbeques that draws all the men to it. It's probably the meat, the fire, and the long tongs and pokers required. If your dad has a bit of a BBQ reputation (in a good way) then why not splash out this Fathers Day and let him know he's the best at the BBQ with this apron from Direct23Ltd. With a bit of luck it'll encourage him to use his skills more often!

Rustic craft design is the place to go for some personalised BBQ tools. What more could a BBQ enthusiast want than their own special set of tongs, fork and spatula, all engraved especially for them.

When the weather's not so nice you can still treat yourself to a burger. Head to Nicola Luke for this fabulous felt creation that can be used as a pin cushion. Don't forget to check out her other tasty treats on Etsy and Facebook. Banana Split anyone?  

Happy grilling!

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bloggers Block!

I think it says all really...

Imaginary friends please come back so I can write something interesting (or at least semi-interesting) to 1 person if I'm lucky...

What would you, my dear reader, like to see more of on my blog?! I promise I will try to make it happen.

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Finds: Parks

Once again this weeks post is weather orientated, but with a glorious sunny day instead of Sheffield's grey skies and rain, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

So, my vow is to spend my lunch times reading in the park. There's one about 5 minutes from my office, and it's pretty with a small duck pond, an ornamental band stand, plenty of green space and lush borders. Today however, I am missing out to write this post. So, to make up for it here are some Park orientated Etsy finds.

ElaBleu have created this bright sunny nursery print to give your child's room a huge does of happiness and colour. The message is cute and cheerful too.

For a bit of romance in the park head over to Mini Memory Worlds for a closer look at this pretty dome. The detail is fantastic, make sure you check out their other items.

Add some vintage charm to your park visit with this telescope brooch from From Laura With love. It's made using recycled materials, so it's green too!

Bring the outdoors in with Charles and Oliver's contemporary trees cushion. This would look great in any home, and will remind you of sunnier skies when it rains.

 Ahh, and finally, have a relaxing seat with this beautiful photographic print from the aptly named Sunny Skies Gallery.

Happy relaxing!

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Map Cross Stitch

Those of you who read my blog regularly will have a good idea that I like going hiking in the Peak District. This involves a fair bit of map use (although less so the more I go walking there!) I've also just booked flights to go to Andorra and the hiking in the Pyrenees in July, so once again I'm on the hunt for maps.

Maps are more interesting than you may think, quite a lot of places have funny names which is easy amusement, and it's interesting to see how civilisation has developed around natural boundaries. Plenty of maps are interesting and look good in their own right. They can be decorative works of art. I would love to cross stitch a map, (it's just one more item on my cross stitch wish list). The beautiful map cross stitch embroideries below are just a few of the multitudes available, and will hopefully inspire you to become a bit of a map lover yourself!

Olde World Map by
Flowers of Britain Map by

Map of the World by
Map of Australia by
London Map by

Happy Map Stitching!

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