Monday, 31 January 2011

So much to do, so little time!

There is always way more to do than I ever seem to have time for! Crafting around a full time job and social life is pretty hard, epecialy when it takes about 1 hour to make 1 pair of earrings. It's then end of January and I have 11 itemsin my Folksy shop, and 2 more at home waiting to be photographed and listed. My target of getting to a craft fair seems ever further away! My new hope is to make a couple of larger pieces, such a a framedcross stitch to have on my stall (assuming I finally get one) to make it look like my stall has plenty of things, unfortunately, desgining these is going to be no short task either. If only my lunch break lasted all afternoon! Oh well, fingers crossed! I'll just have to make things like crazy when I'm at home, and publicise like crazy when I can!

I'm also hoping to d some folksy featuring of fellow crafters on this blog, I just need the time to write it and do it! maybe later this week...

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Featured in a Blog!

I've been featured in Uniquely Yours blog! Thankyou very much for doing so, I'm really excited about my product being featured! Here's the keyring that featured.

It'sall very exciting! I'm hoping to be able to return the favour soon wih some folksy featuring of my own! x

Monday, 24 January 2011



My Facebook group ha just reached 101 likes! hooray! I'm lucky to have gained so many followers from friends and fellow crafters who all have shops on Folksy, so a big thank you to all!

It's still only January, but valentines is fast approaching. What do you think of my lovely heart earrings?
 Personally I think they're pretty cute, but then I am biased! These are for sle for only £5.00 on so check them out!

Valentines day is a lovely day to show your loved one how much they mean, but it's only one day in a whole year! I'm lucky that my boyfriend is thoughtful and does nice things for me throughout the year, (I'm hoping he's cooking my dinner tonight) but it sholdn't just be reserved for our partners.

Friends also play a huge part in our lives, so I for one would like to thank all mine for putting up with me, and for being interested in my cross stitch items!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Fabric earrings!

Hello again!

No more sales yet, but I've been a bit slacker than normal with promotion thanks to my birthday and having visitors up. Still, my folksy views have increased which is great, and my facebook page has reached 99 likes! I can't wait to get to 100!

I've been doing more experimenting, and instead of just cross stitch earrings, I will soon be adding fabric covered earrings to my growing collection! I'm working on some which have gold seashell sequins sewn onto a blue fabric, a nice summary holiday theme to help us all forget the dreary coldness of winter! hopefuly these will go down a treat! Also, as my goal this year is to have enough stock to go to a craft fair, I am slowly edging closer to achieving that!

I'll be trying a few other sequin and fabric earring combinations, I've got various flower, heart, and leaf sequins as well as the usual round ones, so fingers crossed that with my additional stock and new quirky designs I'll get some more sales! As to that, I'd best get working on producing a few more to list at! Until next time, keep crafty! x

Thursday, 13 January 2011


This is my first ever blog, and I'm not really sure what to write! I've introduced myself in the about me section, so I guess there's not much else left to say introductory-wise anyhow.

I set up a shop on Folksy in October 2010, and i currently have sold 1 keyring, and have 8 other items up for sale.  You can see them here I'm busy trying to publicise my shop via facebook, and now on this blog!

It's a nerve wracking experience putting my creations up to be sold, and seen by all. Until I started this I had only ever shown my things to family and my boyfriend, who of course have to say they like it, but what if people in the big wide world don't? I guess they're not going to tell me if they don't, but I still want them to like my designs. It was a huge boost to my ego to sell my first ever item, an anchor keyring, within hours of listing it. Unfortunately I've not had any since, but I've improved my photographs and edited my listings, and I'm now working harder to publicise it, so fingers crossed! x