Thursday, 13 January 2011


This is my first ever blog, and I'm not really sure what to write! I've introduced myself in the about me section, so I guess there's not much else left to say introductory-wise anyhow.

I set up a shop on Folksy in October 2010, and i currently have sold 1 keyring, and have 8 other items up for sale.  You can see them here I'm busy trying to publicise my shop via facebook, and now on this blog!

It's a nerve wracking experience putting my creations up to be sold, and seen by all. Until I started this I had only ever shown my things to family and my boyfriend, who of course have to say they like it, but what if people in the big wide world don't? I guess they're not going to tell me if they don't, but I still want them to like my designs. It was a huge boost to my ego to sell my first ever item, an anchor keyring, within hours of listing it. Unfortunately I've not had any since, but I've improved my photographs and edited my listings, and I'm now working harder to publicise it, so fingers crossed! x