Monday, 24 January 2011



My Facebook group ha just reached 101 likes! hooray! I'm lucky to have gained so many followers from friends and fellow crafters who all have shops on Folksy, so a big thank you to all!

It's still only January, but valentines is fast approaching. What do you think of my lovely heart earrings?
 Personally I think they're pretty cute, but then I am biased! These are for sle for only £5.00 on so check them out!

Valentines day is a lovely day to show your loved one how much they mean, but it's only one day in a whole year! I'm lucky that my boyfriend is thoughtful and does nice things for me throughout the year, (I'm hoping he's cooking my dinner tonight) but it sholdn't just be reserved for our partners.

Friends also play a huge part in our lives, so I for one would like to thank all mine for putting up with me, and for being interested in my cross stitch items!