Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hardanger Finish!

A while ago I decided to try my skills at hardanger, an embroidery technique that involves leaving cut out squares. In my previous post Stitches past, I mentioned that I was busy working on Purple Delight, a kit which my sister gave me for Christmas last year. Having spend a lot of time designing and making jewellery and accessories for my Etsy Shop, I haven't had much time to fit in my own personal projects, but I am very pleased to announce the completion of one of them! What do you think?

It was nice learning new stitches as my experience is mostly with cross stitch and back stitch, but this piece encompassed embroidery techniques, such as the tulip, along with new stitches such as the Algerian eye and spider stitch. I really enjoyed working on this, and I love how the bead detail adds a touch of shine.

It was, however, fairly fiddly to cut out the even weave threads having completed the panel stitching around it. it would probably have been easier if I'd bought special hardanger scissors, rather than struggling and persevering with my embroidery scissors, but I am pleased with the effect overall.

The fabric I used was 22 count (stitches per inch) even weave, and this was the first time I stitched onto anything that wasn't Aida. As the cross stitches are over 2 threads it equates to an 11count Aida(the smallest I've worked on to date is 18count Aida). It has given me a strong desire to try a cross stitch piece on an even smaller count, and I'm currently considering whether to buy another kit or convert a photograph/picture to make my own chart.

The threads were also DMC Perle threads, rather than embroidery floss. They were thicker and spun in a way more similar to wool, although they were as smooth as embroidery floss. I really enjoyed working with new materials, stitches, and techniques. It has defiantly inspired me try out more new things!

Happy Stitching

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