Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday Finds: Science Geekery!

In my day job I am a scientist. I either call myself a cell biologist(as I grow up cells in a clean room) or a Production Assistant (which is actually my job title, as we're a production lab and have created cell banks - frozen vials of cells - for potential clinic therapeutics developed either by academic researchers, or more likely, by pharmaceutical companies). I really like growing cells for a living, it's very satisfying when they are growing well (although equally disheartening when they aren't). Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about work recently as one of my colleagues in our close knit team (we're more like friends really) is leaving soon for a new job in NHS. Naturally we're all sad to see her go, yet happy for her as her new job is a good opportunity, and is permanent (we are all on contracts based on grant money). All of this has inspired me to base today's Friday Finds blog post on Science geekery, especially biology/ chemistry, as that's what we all do! Anyway, here's some of my favourites!

One of the tests we do for our cells is Karyotyping (looking at the chromosomes to check that the genetics are normal), which is why I love this pillow by dirtsa studio. Don't forget to check out the female version too!

If it's chemistry that gets you going, (or chocolate) then check out Off The Wall Expression's periodic table wall art. With a range of colours and styles you can choose the perfect word and style for your room.

Yes, the science geekery joke makes all us scientists groan, but that doesn't stop us enjoying all the daft science jokes there are! This magnet by PiTHiTuDE is a fabulous geeky adornment for fridges in science labs everywhere!
 Show off some scientific girl power with this gorgeous vintage coloured set of coasters by Eaves Made, portraying 6 women who have made breakthroughs, or are very important in the scientific world for the work they've done.

I love these conical flask vases from Barawen Vintage. It's a different take on a piece of kit every lab based scientist has used, and will brighten up any windowsill.

If you're one of those people whose experiments always seem to go wrong (that'll be most of us, then) check out Crazy Dog Tshirts before you go and try science! After all, that's what us scientists are constantly doing!

Happy Shopping

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