Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday Finds: Chic Chicks

OK, so it's Good Friday, it's actually sunny, and I'm being a bit stereotypical with this weeks Chick theme, but hey, sometimes it just has to be done. After all, who doesn't like baby animals. They're cute, they're small and their furry (or feathery, in this case). I remember being fascinated by chicks hatching when we incubated some eggs at school, as these damp, awkward beings broke free and vastly expanded their world. They dry off and get used to being able to use their newly discovered legs and wings in no time at all, and soon evolve into chirruping fluffy babies. A few weeks later they're bigger and losing their down as they become adults. Somehow Chickens lack the same cuteness factor. If I was going to get all philosophical I could try and explore the reasons why, is I the youth of chicks that's appealing, or the potential they have to become anything. Is it because they are more unusual simply because they have yet to mature. Is it because their youth, and their care free existence appeals, or because their new born awkwardness is amusing? Whatever it is, all baby creatures have some appeal, and Chicks are one of the most accessible ones. If you want a cute chick of your own, then head over to these fabulous crafters Etsy Shops for their Chic Chick creations.

This bashful chick is really cute. It reminds me of playing dress up when I was a girl. It's a perfect spring pendant. Head over to IMcreations for this and many more beautiful Scrabble Tile pendants.

May Crimson is behind this pair of cool chicks. These funky hairclips are perfect for your little girl. Don't forget to check out her other non slip hairclips for more fun designs.

If you're a big girl looking for some fun accessories, then check out these Hen and Chick badges. Created by Kaela Mills these are great for a Hen do avoiding the 'Bride' and 'Stacey's Hen Do' emblazoned t-shirts.

For a cute and homely chic chick then look no further than this adorable embroidery hoop floral pink chick, handmade by Three Red Apples. Her quirky design proves that chicks aren't just for Easter!

Chicks are sociable little things, and you can't get much happier than these two little beauties perched on their golden branch. Ukele's policy is dreamy things for dreamy people. Perfect!

Happy Easter!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

3D Cross Stitch!

Yes, you heard me, 3D cross stitch! every now and then when I get a few free minutes, I google something to do with either cross stitch or hand embroidery. Occasionally it's hardanger, sometimes stump work, often just a theme such as fairy tale cross stitch. The other day, however, I came across this awesome 3D cross stitch walled garden by pure chance.

Kay Dennis is behind this beautiful garden embroidery design, it must have taken her absolutely ages to design and make it. The outside is as detailed as the inside, and she use a wide range of different materials including wool, embroidery cotton ribbon and seed beads, along with a huge variety of different stitches and techniques to create different textures to make all of the detail extremely  realistic.

 Don't just take my word for it though, head over to her beautiful website for more images and inspirations!
Her work has inspired me to try out some 3D cross stitch. In the past the closest I've gotten is some 3D Dice earrings and some half finished robot earrings/ keyrings. Most 3D cross stitch cards use perforated paper, which I have never used, however I think I could mange a simple 3D design using some plastic canvas, and with my Dad's birthday coming on Saturday, I may have just enough time to practise and make something...
which means I'd best go and get stitching!
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Friday Finds: Easter Eggstravaganza!

Phew. How time flies. It's nearly the end of March already and (hopefully) will soon be spring. That means that Easter is fast approaching and before we know it it'll be summer and we'll all be away on our holidays!

So, I reckon its time to   s l o w   t h i n g s    d o w n .  Go and make yourself a cup of tea, or coffee, or wine, or whatever else takes your fancy. Take a deep breath - that's good -  and a moment to reflect on the year so far. Have you kept your new years resolutions? No?, ok, me neither. Is work going well, and things looking up in your personal life. Now take another deep breath. What do you want to achieve in the rest of the year ahead? Are you going for that promotion, or finally taking your dream holiday, getting married, moving house? Or simply enjoying life as it is. Take another deep breath.

There, feeling better? I hope so as you look forward to the months to come. Easter is a good time of year for past reflections and future hopes. The extra bank holidays been you have time to think about things and reflect, and gives you time to start planning for the next few months. Hopefully the weather starts to get better, which I always find makes me more active. And of course, there is celebration, and chocolate, and eggs! So, without further ado, here are some eggcelent Easter eggs!

I love this traditional hand felted Easter egg nest by Mmim. It looks so cosy and comfy, I wish I was a little chick and snuggle down in it!

If you like your Easter eggs to be brought by the traditional Easter bunny, then head over to Trina's Clay creations for this cute polymer clay bunny. It will make the perfect topping for your Simmel cake.

I love the originality of this fantastic idea from less candles. It is so simple and unique, it's bound to draw compliments.

Easter isn't all girly though, as this funky ninja with his quirky purple egg goes to show. If you have boys to please then place him on top of your Easter cake this year! Lilley also has plenty of other cool ninja items!

Giraffes Kiss has the perfect accessory for crème egg lovers. These unique earrings are the perfect gift for a chocolate loving, body conscious teenager, as these tasty looking eggs are calorie free!

Happy Easter!

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Treasury Trove

Last week my products have been featured in not one but 2 fantastic Etsy Treasuries. How brilliant is that? They're my flower hair clips and flower brooch made using these fantastic stackable beads from no snow supplies.

First up is this beautiful Treasury by Vix Jarman Jewellery.

'Spring Designs' by vixjarman

Spring themed treasury, all from very talented Craft Britannia Team :-)

Cotton scarf in taupe (...
Spring Bud Chrysoprase ...
Pigeon Picture - Print...
White and Yellow Flower...
Pheasant Feather Brooch
24" Square Cushio...
Handmade Toy Bunny, Eas...
Forest Necklace, Tree P...
Victorian Filigree Pear...
Peony Flower Earrings, ...
Apple shaped cushion/so...
Original Owl baby in he...
Cross stitch pattern PD...
Earl Grey Tea, Set of 1...
Double Bow Earring Chai...
Black, Yellow and Red F...

She creates beautiful  silver jewellery using simple designs and a variety of techniques. This art deco tulip pendant is one of my favourites.

The other Treasury by Viknet is also Spring themed. (They obviously didn't know it'd be almost snowing today).

'Spring Me' by viknet


Picture Books Russians ...
Lemon Green necklace an...
Etsy Shop Banner And Et...
Full Apron - Garden Bir...
One Yard Giraffe Fabric
Nature photography , La...
Jewelry Supply Recycled...
The Trees - 8 x 10, ins...
Red and Green Flower Br...
Hand Crochet Ribbons &...
Wonderful Black and Ora...
Yellow Flower Photograp...
Cat 1 8 x 10 inch pict...
Ocean Photograph, Nauti...
French Country Wall Dec...

This talented lady makes beautiful crochet shawls in a wide range of colours. I wish I had the knowledge to create something as delicate and beautiful.

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Finds: Rugby

For those of you who don't know it's a BIG game in the Rugby world tomorrow. Well 3 to be precise in the 6 Nations. They are Italy v Ireland, France v Scotland, and England v Wales. Now, I must admit that I am not a huge Rugby fan, however my best friend Rhian is. being half English and half Welsh she can't really lose out whichever way the England v Wales game goes, however she has been brought up supporting Wales, (owing to her Rugby fan dad being the Welsh parent) despite growing up in the Midlands. Another good reason to promote Rugby as my Friday Finds theme for this week, is the little town of Rugby (Where William Webb Ellis ran with a ball during a game of football at Rugby School) in Warwickshire is my birth city. I lived in a village about 6 miles away until i left to go to University at 18. I regularly go back though, as my parents are in the same house and my sister has recently bought one in Rugby, so I have a homely fondness for the little market town. So, without further ado, here are some fantastic Rugby paraphernalia. (The game, not the town, that wouldn't be quite as exciting.)

Le Pulcioserie's vintage Rugby ball phone is without a doubt the most unusual Rugby paraphernalia I found in my Etsy search. It a fantastic unique item that is perfect for the quirky Rugby fan.

To encourage your children while they're young head over to Love Felt XOXO for this cute Rugby baby mobile. It's one all the babies, (and their Rugby fan dad) will love.

If you prefer to show your sportiness by wearing Rugby clothes, then step away from the Rugby shirt for a moment and try out this vintage Rugby game belt buckle by Bear Wear Designs. The colours and design remind me of comic books.

Back to a nice pair of balls now, (Rugby balls, what are you thinking!) that are perfect for the smartly dressed man. Daves Disco is responsible for these fun cuff links, and many other sports are also available.

 Kerry Kards made this awesome Rugby birthday card,  which you can personalise for free! What a great way to say happy birthday to you're favourite Rugby fan!

Happy Shopping

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