Monday, 4 March 2013

Project Tutorial: Mothers Day Card

Naturally for Mothers Day next Sunday I had to design and make a card. With new stitch inspiration from my new Encyclopaedia of Stitches in the form of Rosebud Stitch, flowers were the obvious choice. It was easy to think of a slightly corny saying for the card. Besides, it might be corny but t's true, I wouldn't change my mum for anything! So here's the card I made, which you are more than welcome to reproduce for your own mum. Because it doesn't mention mothers day in the saying, you could use it as a birthday card for your mother too. I'm quite proud with the card, it's pretty easy and simple to make, once you've got the hang of all the different stitches!
Here's the chart I've developed. I stitched it using 2 strands of embroidery cotton for each colour, on 14 count pale blue aida using the DMC threads and beads stated below the chart, but if, like me, you have a stash of embroidery threads then just use whatever is too hand, or tailor it using your mums' favourite colours! The finished Chart size is approx. 3" (7.5cm) x 4" (10cm). Remember to cut the aida at least 2" bigger.
Writing: DMC 552
Basket: DMC420
Flower centres: DMC 445 (rosebud and spikey flower)
Flower centre, Daisy: Mill Hill yellow seed beads (can substitute with French knots in DMC 445)
Rosebud: DMC Colour Variations: 4180
Daisy: DMC Light effects 5200
Spikey Flower: DMC Perle 8 colour 99
Leaves/ Stems: DMC 320
How to Stitch:
Writing: Mostly Backstitch with some Cross Stitch
Basket: All Backstitch
Rosebud: Use Rose Stitch with a French Knot centre
Spiky Flower: Use Satin Stitch for the centre, with Backstitch petals ending in a French knot.
Daisy: Use Lazy Daisy Stitch for the petals, add a seed bead or French Knot for the centre.
Leaves: Use small Lazy Daisy stitch.
Stems: Use Backstitch for the Rose and Daisies, and Stem Stitch for the Spiky flowers.
Once you've finished stitching it, it should look something like this! From here on it's easy, all you need to do is trim down the cross stitch to the required size. (I left 5 squares either side and 7 squares above and below) and simple glue it onto the card, using either a clear drying adhesive such as PVA or double sided sticky tape. Just make sure you have glued down all the edges to prevent fraying.
As an alternative, you may wish to fray the edges, in which case leave an extra couple of squares all the way round after trimming the cross stitch down, and gently and carefully pull away the threads for those extra 2 squares. You can embellish the card or finish it in any way you want. Write your own personal message inside the card, and hey presto, you've made a simple embroidery mothers day card! She will love it as you have taken the time and effort to make it!