Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Finds: Gadget Accessories

These days who doesn't have some sort of gadget or gizmo that they couldn't live without. Be it the latest iPhone, iPad, laptop or Kindle, we all have some gadget we just couldn't do without. Whatever did we do before we had the iPhone4 to play with, or a kindle full of exciting reads? Indeed, I am writing this blog post at home on my new laptop. In these technology ridden times we don't have to miss out on the hand made crafty items though, as there are countless laptop cases, iphone covers, and Kindle wallets available. Indeed, there are so many it is almost impossible to choose a favourite, they all come in so many different shapes and sizes, colours, patterns, and materials, that even the most picky of people is guaranteed to find their perfect accessory for their gadget. After having a good old look at countless gorgeous cases and covers, here are just a few to help inspire you and decide which one it is that you want.

This padded laptop case is beautiful. It is a fabulous way to effortlessly give your laptop some fabulous feminine chic. Head over to daisy and bert for more creative laptop covers.
Alternatively, why not decorate your laptop itself, using these funky self adhesive vinyl decals from Edith and Elizabeth.  Whether you are a Darleck loving Dr Who fan or looking for a fairy tale fantasy, they have something for everyone.

Dark Kitty Crafts have used their talents with felt to make this bold Ace of Hearts iphone/ camera/ [insert other] case. The tattoo inspired design manages to look both funky and pretty. 


This steam punk design is a fashionable, quirky and most definitely unusual Kindle case. It is made of leather with a pewter design so it is pretty durable,
an important trait in all protective cases. Head over to Loutul for a closer look.

Last but by no means least is this extremely useful gadget and gizmo wallet. With separate partitions to protect your mobile, headphones, USB sticks and SD cards, this is the perfect accessory for the most tech savvy of us. Check out Rockitbot for their many different designs available.

Happy Shopping!

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