Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday Finds: Chic Chicks

OK, so it's Good Friday, it's actually sunny, and I'm being a bit stereotypical with this weeks Chick theme, but hey, sometimes it just has to be done. After all, who doesn't like baby animals. They're cute, they're small and their furry (or feathery, in this case). I remember being fascinated by chicks hatching when we incubated some eggs at school, as these damp, awkward beings broke free and vastly expanded their world. They dry off and get used to being able to use their newly discovered legs and wings in no time at all, and soon evolve into chirruping fluffy babies. A few weeks later they're bigger and losing their down as they become adults. Somehow Chickens lack the same cuteness factor. If I was going to get all philosophical I could try and explore the reasons why, is I the youth of chicks that's appealing, or the potential they have to become anything. Is it because they are more unusual simply because they have yet to mature. Is it because their youth, and their care free existence appeals, or because their new born awkwardness is amusing? Whatever it is, all baby creatures have some appeal, and Chicks are one of the most accessible ones. If you want a cute chick of your own, then head over to these fabulous crafters Etsy Shops for their Chic Chick creations.

This bashful chick is really cute. It reminds me of playing dress up when I was a girl. It's a perfect spring pendant. Head over to IMcreations for this and many more beautiful Scrabble Tile pendants.

May Crimson is behind this pair of cool chicks. These funky hairclips are perfect for your little girl. Don't forget to check out her other non slip hairclips for more fun designs.

If you're a big girl looking for some fun accessories, then check out these Hen and Chick badges. Created by Kaela Mills these are great for a Hen do avoiding the 'Bride' and 'Stacey's Hen Do' emblazoned t-shirts.

For a cute and homely chic chick then look no further than this adorable embroidery hoop floral pink chick, handmade by Three Red Apples. Her quirky design proves that chicks aren't just for Easter!

Chicks are sociable little things, and you can't get much happier than these two little beauties perched on their golden branch. Ukele's policy is dreamy things for dreamy people. Perfect!

Happy Easter!

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