Friday, 5 April 2013

Friday Finds: Wales

This post theme was requested of me before Easter by my lovely half Welsh friend (who I think sometimes forgets that's she's half English too). I've written an Union Jack Friday Finds previously, so why not a Welsh one too, after all, there is plenty of Welsh blood around (I'm pretty sure everyone I know has a Welsh grandma or something. We're all mongrels in the UK really, especially if you keep going back through our history).

Besides, Wales is a beautiful country. I have spent several holidays and weekends away there in my 26years, staying in Pembrokeshire, Bangor, Aberystwyth and Snowdonia to include but a few. So, it seems right to feature items from/ for such a beautiful country.

The Welsh flag seems to be the right place to start the search, and it wasn't long before I discovered these fabulous cuff links by Urban Eye. These will make the perfect gift for the Welsh Man in your life, and if he isn't Welsh they can customise these to the country of your choice!

There is a certain appeal about real slate place mats, coasters and cheeseboards. I would love to have some of my own, (and will one day). If you're like me and the understand elegance and class makes you excited, then head over to Identilase for a wide choice of Welsh slate. This cheeseboard is engraved with CAWS, which is Welsh for... you've guessed it, Cheese! They also have a website

Cathryn Weatherhead is the lady who created this bold and beautiful traveller's map of Wales. Whether you're an adventurer, a camper, or an explorer this funky Welsh map will not only remind you of your Welsh experiences, it'll have you going back for more!
Another one for the boys (although I don't know why tankards are just for boys, I am a Real Ale drinker and would love one of my own) is this fabulous stainless steel tankard. Makers Celtic Studio have covered plenty of bases here with the Welsh dragon design. Check out their other Welsh and Celtic items too! 

If, like me, you go  on holiday and then later on realise that you didn't buy that lovely 'insert souvenir here' that you saw because the shop wasn't open/you were heading out/e.t.c then worry no more. This beautiful original watercolour by Pamela Jones Art Studio  is one of several designs that will bring back fond memories of a lovely sunny walk in Wales (it doesn't rain all the time).

Happy browsing!

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