Monday, 29 April 2013

Pick Me Up

It's Monday. It's a busy day in the lab at work, and generally, things are all a bit down at the moment. I have a classic case of Monday Morning blues, and I'm hoping the chocolate and some amusing and positive thinking cross stitches will help dissipate the blue into a happy colour. Maybe yellow, Yellow always seems like a bold, bright, sunny summery happy colour. What's your happy colour?

By Needle Nosy on Etsy.

On Deviant Art. For Similar Items go to Snarky Little Stitcher on Etsy

Pattern available from

Pattern available from andwabisabi on Etsy
 Well after consuming my chocolate, and giggling at some funny cross stitches and smiling at some cheerful ones, I'm definitely feeling better, and a lot less blue. I hope you are too!

Keep Smiling!

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