Saturday, 13 April 2013

Friday Finds: New Sheets

Firstly I must apologise for this post being a day late. I had a really busy day at work as my colleague was off so I didn't have time to write it in my lunch break, as I normally would, and my internet at home was playing up. Boo. I hope it was worth the wait!

About a month ago I treated myself to new bed sheets. My old ones were fine, they were pretty, only a couple of years old, and my favourite colour (purple). However, since breaking up with my boyfriend earlier in the year I've been sleeping in the same room, with the same sheets (he moved into the spare room while we sell the house). he's not in my bedroom anymore, but his presence was. After all, we bought those sheets together. I'd go to bed alone in our sheets, (which is something I did regularly before the split, as he runs a pub) so it was almost like he hadn't gone.

Then I read a blog post by The Penguin Theory who mentioned redecorating/ rearranging your bedroom. It reminded me of a friends advice in the early days after the breakup, (she changed her sheets, curtains and a rug after a long term relationship ended) and it encouraged me to do the same. I am now the proud over of 1 set of white with pink blossom and another pale green with brown/grey branches and flowers bed sheets, neither of which I would have bought previously. I moved some small things around a bit (the furniture is too big to move) and the bedroom became mine. 

So it's good to replace your bedding every once in a while, but a relationship break up isn't the only reason to do it. You may just fancy a change, or want a bit of luxury in the bedroom, or spice things up, make a room lighter and brighter, and anything else you can think of. So, here are some lovely bed sheets from Etsy to help inspire you to do just that!

Cloud Hunter have created this beautiful shabby chic rosette covered white duvet cover. It is the perfect way to add some feminine frills to your bedroom.

I love the blue and green tie dye effect sheets by jbddyeworx. They are bold and bright, and makes your bed fun and funky. This duvet set in particular makes me think of a pre- teen boys cool and colourful room.

For a contempory bedroom head over to Urban Accent Home to get a closer look at this simple but beautiful hand painted duvet cover. As it's hand painted it is unique, but you can also customise it to make it even more special, just for you!

If your bedroom is lacking in luxury look no further than this beautiful damask bedding from BH D├ęcor. If you fancy a change from the bold turquoise covering, you can turn it over to an ivory covering instead, making it 2 duvet's in 1! Fabulous!

Last but not least is this sexy pin up girl silhouette bed cover. Add some cheeky raunchiness in a simple and classy way with this bold design by Duvet Cover. Don't worry if she's a bit too much for you, the other designs available include elephants, the Eiffel Tower, and even an airplane!  

Happy sleeping!

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