Tuesday, 16 April 2013

You Shall go to the Ball

Me, Libby and Sarah
I went to a Charity Ball on Saturday at Kenwood Hall which was loads of fun, and a really good excuse to get all glammed up. I dug out my fanciest dress and even curled my hair for the occasion, after all when you don't get all glammed up that often it's good to completely go for it! What do you think?

My friends looked gorgeous in their pretty dresses, we all had a bit of sparkle too, which is essential for any ball!

We had a yummy 2 course buffet dinner, followed by a disco (The Macarena is only ever played at Disco's, which is a shame because I do enjoy dancing to it!) and finally a taxi home for us sleepy heads!

Ball's of course, have been around for years; what stately home doesn't have a ball room? But I remember my first time hearing about balls, and it wasn't my sixth form ball, or year 11 Prom. It was the fairy tale Cinderella, whose Fairy godmother transformed her ragged dress to one of jaw dropping beauty, a pumpkin to a classy coach, and rats to elegant horses. I am a fair fan of fairy tales. I have several fairy tale compilation books, and one day I'd love to have lots of fairy tale cross stitches or embroideries, (not Disney ones though, I prefer the traditional ones best). Here are the Cinderella cross stitch charts that are on my short list (wish list).

SeeSallySew  Cinderella 'Stroke of Midnight'

HAED Cinderella's Coach

123 Stitch Cinderella

I figured I'd best make some more progress on my 2 current Work In progresses' (WIP), Shh Now and my Peak District Photo Conversion before I get started on my fairy tale collection wish list!

Happy Stitching!

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