Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Project Tutorial: Bicycle Card

I made this embroidered metallic blue bike card for my dad's birthday. As it is a blank card is suitable to be used for any occasion, such as Fathers Day, Birthdays, or even a Congratulations card! You could easily use different colours to customise it.  What do you think? It's easy to do, and you could easily use this method to create your own designs too.
You will need
Embroidery threads (I used DMC 310 black and some metallic blue thread)
Even weave (I used 28 count)
Card (I used a pre-folded card that was 6"x4")
Spare Card for the border
Clear drying glue e.g. PVA or double sided tape.
First of all, you can print this chart out to the size you require for your card. I used a bike length of 10cm. (alternatively you can draw your own. TIP: use pencil first so you can rub it out if you go wrong before drawing over it in a black pen)
The next step is easy. Place the even weave over your design. You should be able to see the outline of the bike. Using a fabric pen if you have one, (or a pencil if you don't) carefully trace the design onto the even weave, making sure you don't move the design.
Now it's time to get stitching! Stitch over the lines of the design beginning with the bicycle frame. I used 2 strands of black thread and 3 strands of metallic blue thread (because it was quite thin, 2 strands of normal embroidery cotton will be fine).
Handles: Satin Stitch
Seat: Padded Satin Stitch
Frame: Satin Stitch
Wheels: Chain Stitch
To give the card a nice finish, I then trimmed down some spare card to 5.5" x3.5" to give a border around the frame, and then cut out an aperture size of 5"x3".
Now you're ready to assemble your card.
First, trim down your bike design to 5.5" x 3.5", being careful to ensure that the bike is central, so it will fit in the card border without any overhanging. (You may need to trim it slightly smaller due to the fabric stretching) Ensure there is an overlap of even weave and card. Carefully glue the bicycle design to the green card using either a clear drying glue or double sided sticky tape, and leave to dry.
Once dry, carefully glue the bike and border to the card, ensuring it is centrally positioned. It should look something like this once completed!
Alternatives: Use a smaller design/ larger card and place the design at an angle.
Add embellishments in the form of ribbons, bows, buttons, sequins, e.t.c.
Happy Stitching!
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