Thursday, 24 February 2011

Personalised and Proud!

All handmade gifts are unique, even if several items with the design have been made, that is the joy of handmade. There are all sorts of handmade pieces available, from all sorts of jewellry, to vintage clothing, to the very unusual, all you have to do is look hard enough to find the perfect gift for any person's preferances, howver, you can make many things even more unique by buying a personalised item. many crafters will sell custom made items, lots of folksy advertise personalised items, here is just a small selection!

This is mine! A bit cheeky to feature myself, but why not! This is my first advertised custom made design, the name (obviously) can be anyones, but the colours of the stitching and background can all also be chosen. Like many other folksy sellers, I can also do custom designs on request.

I love items made from real wood! (maybe because my dad used to make walking sticks in his spare time) And this gorgous clock certainly caught my eye! A clock is an item I wold never expect to be personalised, but the wording on it can be specified. This is made by Natural Wood www.folksy/shops/NaturalWood who also make many other beautiful items, along with custom made items. Well worth checking out!

These are gorgous! When my friends got married last year, I would have loved to have know about Amys Clay Critters and her fabulous wedding toppers. Still, I will remember her if anyone else ties the knot! She also makes many animal wedding toppers, along with general cake toppers, magnets, rings, cards, and so on.

Apron are always useful, but are normally mass made and fairly plain and boring. Not anymore with this prsonalised one from SilkFlora! your apron is your own! She also can personalise tea towels, an has made plenty of gorgous hanging hearts, and heart cushions!

These cuffflinks are fabulouly unique! (Handmade items aren't just for girls) These caught my eye as my boyfriend loves maps! They are truly different and a perfect gift, made by bookity. They also make round ones, and plenty of other 'book' items for sale at

This is just  very small taste of all that's out there that can be personalised fo that extra little bit of uniquness, and although it does require a little more preperation, as the items have to be made upon request, You may be suprised at how qickly they can be made, and the extra-specialness of a truly unique gift is well worth the effort!