Monday, 23 April 2012

In Progress... Tardis Keyring Cross Stitch Kit

A friend of mine asked me ages ago to design a Tardis key ring for him. Ashamedly I must admit that I got side tracked by designing my cross stitch jewellery and forgot until we were in the Pub on Friday when he said something along the lines of

'Have you designed a Tardis key ring yet? More people like Dr Who than like Goldfish' (My most recent addition to my website was a Goldfish keyring Kit).

'No...' Came my slightly sheepish reply 'I forgot that I said I would...' (this is a hazard of conversations held over  a few pints of ale, especially given my bad memory!)

So I spent the weekend getting busy digging and sowing (carrots, beetroot, lettuce and garlic) in the garden along with a couple of pubs and darts games (Chris beat me twice, but only on the doubling out - not bad given the unfair disadvantage I have of him being a foot taller and having arms as long-limbed as an Orang-utan), and thought nothing more about my promise.

The rain of this Monday morning has however, brought with it my promise, so in my lunch break at my day job (crafting has to fit around being a cell biologist) I goggled 'Dr Who Tardis' for a good picture to base my design on. what do you think?!

Not an exact copy, but hopefully close enough! What do you think? All that I need to do now is make sure I've got the right colours and stitch it to check that the chart is right! That part will have to wait until tomorrow night, as I'm going beer tasting at Shakespeares tonight for St Georges day. I'll let you know how it goes...

Happy Stitching

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