Wednesday, 11 April 2012

St Georges Day!

Its only 12 days away!

12 days before St Paddys day everyone suddenly find that they're part Irish in order to celebrate with plenty of Stout. Pubs stock up on Guinness, and Guinness produces plenty of advertising paraphernalia, from crazy hats, to shirts, encouraging celebrators to clad themselves not only in the green of the emerald isle, but also black and white. Being slightly less organised (and a little more crafty) Chris, with a little help from yours truly, created his own St Patrick's Day top.

Despite all of the fuss and stout consumption of St Paddy's day, St Georges day on the 23rd April is almost forgotten about in comparison. Why do we English born and bred folk become Irish for a day to celebrate with lots of copious amounts of stout, but let St Georges day pass in a blissful unawareness of the celebration of George and the Dragon. Lets get on the bandwagon and show that we're proud to be English, by celebrating our Patron Saint. More and more people are starting to celebrate St Georges Day, with anything from Punch and Judy Shows to Morris dancing to Folk Music. You can even sign a petition here to make St Georges Day a bank holiday, if a 100, 000 signatures are obtained by August this year.

In honour of the occasion, I have produced these St Georges Flag jewellery, available on the promotions Page of my website. Earrings are only £7.00, a ring costs £5, or you could get both as a set for only £10!

If all of the English-ness hasn't got you excited yet, here are just a few more reasons to celebrate on 23rd April. (A more extensive list can be found on Wikipedia)

Anniversary of William Wordsworths death (1850)
King Charles II was crowned at Westminster Abbey (1661)
William Shakespeares birthday, and the day he died (1564 - 1616)

Talking of which, I will be celebrating this St Georges day by heading down to Shakepeares pub in Sheffield for a good old english ale tasting and pairing it with food! 6 1/3rds of different types of ale, such as pale ale, bitter, stout, IPA and Mild are included, along with some nibbles all for £10! The best bit, a free pint of your favourite at the end! Tickets should be bought in advance from Shakespeares, or email them at

I for one am looking forward to celebrating St Georges day properly, by appreciating the Englishness of it all! I'll let you know how I get on...