Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Something Special... D'n'J Designs

Yes, it's that time of year again. restaurants will be full of couples determined to have a romantic night out, shops are full of valentines day cards, chocolates, flowers and cuddly toys. whether you are a big fan of valentines day, or more cynical and just don't 'do' valentines day, it's hard to miss.

I should probably admit now that I'm not a huge fan of Valentines day. Why is so much emphasis placed on this one day each year to show someone you love them, what about the other 364 days? It's the little everyday things that make a relationship special, not the huge bouquets of flowers, or mass produced soppy cards. It's the personal items, the unique, thoughtful gifts, however small, that always bring a smile to your face and remind you of the one you love, and a special moment together.

So this year, why not buy something that is hand crafted, unique, and something that will last for more than a couple of weeks or several tasty mouthfuls? You can find something special this year at D'n'J Designs, who create many beautifl wooden items including the lovely heart  trinket box pictured. The box is then hand painted or varnished. I love these boxes, if you're anything like me you'll never have enough places to put jewellery and trinkets. As an added bonus, they'll look great on any dressing table!

Last orders for these boxes in time for Valentines day is the 10th Feb, ready for posting on the 11th.

Deanna, the lovely lady behind the designs, began all of this as a hobby, making gifts for friends, and it developed from there. She manages all of this around working for charity, for which she also raises money with auctions. She does all this while looking for a job, and  taking care of her Gran!

Her skills also extend to producing wicker baskets, amongst various other wooden creations, all of which you can see here. She is also branching out into cards and gift tags too under the name D'n'J cards & Tags, such as the cute card pictured. You can see some more of these fabulous designs here. 

Thanks Deanna from D'n'J designs. Good Luck!