Tuesday, 21 February 2012



I've finallised my Pendant making technique, and here are the results! What do you think?

The Pink one was my first attempt, I love the variated thread as it adds extra depth. After finishing it I asked my boyfriend Chris what he thought.

Chris sounding puzzled 'Hm, yeah it looks nice'

Me 'It's a Tulip'

Chris 'Oh yes, I can see that now, I didn't realise it was a flower because it didn't have a stalk'

Tulip no. 2 was then made with a stalk! I think it does look better, so thanks Chris!

These unsual vintage style tulip necklaces are now for sale at the introductory price of only £9.00 on my facebook shop (normal price £10) which includes P&P. They are available in a range of colours, all made to order!

More pendants will be available in my shop soon, and at a Vintage and craft fair in Sheffield City Centre on May 19th!

Thanks for reading!