Thursday, 1 March 2012

Favourite Earrings!

There are so many types of jewellery, it's easy to become befuddled by them all! Rings, necklaces, Anklets, belly-button rings, nose piercings, bracelets, brooches, and so many more. I think my favourite item of jewellery has to be earrings though!

It's certainly the thing I wear most! earrings are also the product I have the most of, and there are so many I like I've had to make loads for myself too! anyway, here are some of my favourites. Which is yours?

These were the first ones I made for myself. Aren't they cute, they always cheer me up with such big smiles! You can buy these here.
Hearts have to feature. They are simple, bold and bright! I love having the red as a background instead of the heart colour! For other colours click here.
These cute cupcakes are the latest addition to my favourites. I love the bright colours, and the twist of having blue icing instead of pink. The little seed bead cherry adds a lovely little 3D effect! These are for sale on my website.

These are a big favourite of mine (I have some ladybirds on a white background), and perfect for spring time! They are available in yellow or orange also, and on green, white or pale blue backgrounds here. I also have some seasonal flutterbys!

What is your favourite? or what would you like to see?

You can see more of my earrings on facebook here and on my website here!