Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I've recently discovered Pintrest. Well, I lose that term loosely, I had heard about it before, but I've only recently started to actually use it.

In case you are a Pintrest newbie, It's essentially a website which allows you to 'pin' photo's to virtual 'pin boards'. so your friends or 'followers' can see what you like. You can link a photo from a website you have seen, upload one from your computer or repin something you have seen elsewhere. Essentially, it's a way of connecting the things you and your followers both like, and sharing ideas.

I joined Pintrest originally to advertise  for You Sew Should, but it's so easy to become distracted, there must be thousands of pictures pinned, and the rest...!

My first 'pin' was of my Tulip Pendants. Yes, I thought you'd remember them...

Then I quickly got cracking, pinning my cupcake earrings and butterfly earrings, before browsing other crafters jewellery on Pintrest. before long I came along these cute earrings, for every knit-a-holic, and this funky tattoo style pendant.

It didn't stop there and the DIY and Craft selection soon had me engrossed. It didn't take long for me to discover some awesome crafted items, and a new crafty fun and fabulous treat board quickly developed. How fabulous is this chess set and the rose?

You can follow me on Pintrest here.

Pintrest isn't just for us crafty few though, and as wonderful as many crafts are, we talk about plenty of other things, and there is no shortage on Pintrest to keep our interest. There is plenty of Sport, Gardening, Food and Drink, Humour, Wedding, Geek, Outdoors, Cars, Kids, Pets  and  even Architecture!

Right now I'm off for a browse...