Monday, 19 March 2012

Mothers Day!

Mothers day is a widely celebrated day, although the actual day varies worldwide. It is a day when motherhood is celebrated, along with the maternal bond that is so important to all of us.

I hope that mothers everywhere had a lovely day yesterday, hopefully being treated and pampered, and just told how much we children love our mums.

I didn't see mine as she lives about 2 1/2 hrs away, and as we don't have a car (and i had to work in my day job as a cell biologist this weekend) I couldn't go, but I am visiting this comeing weekend, which I'm really looking forward to, especially as she's thinking about cooking a whole salmon! delicious!

Although I wasn't there, I did find time to make a card for her (I had to wait to write this blog as I dodn't want her to get a sneak preview!). I was inspired by the blog of a fellow crafter, Bugs and Stitches by Lupin, in her tutorial on making these fabulous flower brooches.

My first thought was that looks good, my second I could do that, and my third, that looks easy. In hindsight, my first thought was, is and will remain true, my second is a possibility (if I took enough time and had plenty of practise) and my third.... well, not so easy as you'll see.

To begin with, I cut smaller flower shapes out of felt, along with some leaf shapes, and thin strips to use as stalks. As I used a design of 5 flowers, and it's only a small card, I didn't layer them up as Lupin has. Instead I stitched  a flower centre in various ways, such as french knots, embroidery, and an algerian eye. I also stitched veins on the leaves.

I then positioned them on the card, before gluing them on carefully using a clear drying craft glue. I left this overnight to dry, and then as I didn't have much time and had to post it on my way to work, I quickly wrote on it 'To my marvellous mum'. Here is the finished design.

It's not bad, but I've got a long way to go to produce anything as lovely as Lupins felt designs, so I might just leave it to her! You can buy a variety of lovely felt items on her Lupin handmade shop, as well as felt squares and craft supplies in her felt shop. if you fancy making a beautiful felted card then check out her newest tutorial which was only posted today. It puts my efforts to shame.

I hope my mum likes is though, and she defianately is marvellous, so Happy Mothers day to my marvellous mum!

My sister, mum and me!