Monday, 11 June 2012

Fathers Day Ideas!

If you've been near any gift shops or walked down a supermarket card aisle, you'll already know that its Fathers Day on Sunday. If. like me, you always struggle to decide what to get for your dad, then here are some lovely, unique and crafty items he might like...

Handmade by MK works wonders with felt. If you're looking for a little special something for an outdoors, veichel loving dad, then these Tractor keyrings are perfect! There is also a green version, along with camper vans, owls, elephants and many more colourful designs.  

If your dad loves his tea, but leaves 'rings' everywhere, then these jazzy mosaic coaster by Diomo Glass are the perfect solution. They are pretty but masculine, and you can never have too many! Diomo Glass don't just stop at coasters, they sell tea light coasters, glass lanterns and sun catchers amongst others.

For 'proud to be British' fathers take a peek at this card by Yammas Cards and crafts. The design is perfect for all London loving dad's. It is particularly apt if your dad will be avidly watching the Olympics with the carefully chosen border. Don't forget to check out their other fabulous cards while your at it. 

Fathers day is for your dad, and his family, which Paper Panda beautifuly reminds us with this intricate framed paper cut out. I thinks it's fabulous, especialy how the tree creates a frame for the family featured. Paper Panda also produces other pictures, and lovely sayings.

This colourful sun catcher is a creation by Busy Lizzy and is perfect for the boy that all grown men still are at heart. The bright design will make a perfect window adornment for any retreat your father could choose, be it a study, his bedroom, or even the garden shed. Busy Lizzy's  talent also extends to buterflies, sun rising over hills, and many more.

I hope this has given you a few ideas! It is definately harder finding items for men than it is for women, I guess they tend to prefer more useful items, or electronic gadgets rather then pretty ornaments. However, with a bit of searching you can find a wide range of items, perfect for your dad this Fathers Day.