Friday, 29 June 2012

Friday Finds: Sunflowers!

When I was a girl I remember my mum taking me shopping to help choose a birthday card for my Grandma. We looked at an assortment of cards, snetimental ones, funny ones, simple ones. Most of them had flowers on (I think the majority of Grandma cards used to be very floral), so we had narrowed our search down to a couple of flowery designs. Option one was a pink and purple fushia, cascading to frame the poetic message. Option 2 was a big, bold bright sunflower, with a simple message.

 'Grandma has always liked sunflowers, and it's big and bold so she'll be able to see it best. We'll get her that one.' So we did, to my Grandma's pleasure, as she confirmed her enjoyment of sunflowers. I don't know why, but the memory of choosing the card has lodged itself safetly in my brain, and now when I remember my Grandma, sunflowers are never far away.

It's very easy to see why my Grandma, and hundereds or thousands and more like sunflowers. They are big, bold and bright. They symbolise our summer; every child wants theirs to be the tallest! The weather has warmed, the grass is green, and the flowers blooming, so it was easy to pick sunflowers as this week's 'Friday Finds', and even easier to discover the huge array of sunflower inspired items on Etsy. In fact, the only hard part of writing this blog post was in choosing which ones to feature!

Morning Glories 1 has hand painted this cookie/ candy jar with a beautiful sunflower pattern.

Leather can be feminine too, as Angel Leather Shop proves time and time again. The leather cuff featuring a cascading sunflower design is pretty funky.

If you like bold and bright clothing, Nika Collection has plenty of designs to take your fancy, including this bold t-shirt.

For a more subtle touch, Pressing Dandelions oozes sophistication and class with their natural marble coasters.

This intricate necklace is made using quilled paper, available from the talented Quill Paper Treasures.

For a statement clock, look no further than Irina Skarbovsky's breath-taking fused glass creations.

These fabulous pieces are just a small selection of many of the lovely sunflower items for sale on Etsy, all carefuly designed, planned, and loveingly created by imaginative crafters, especialy for your unique enjoyment. If only I was a millionaire so I could buy all the fabulous items I'd love! until then, I'll have to make do with the occasional treat...