Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Finds: Cars

Tomorrow I'm going to a murder mystery party with friends from work. It's set on a racecourse, and the characters include drivers, mechanics, a ditsy blond for arm candy, a rich Arab, and Marsha Ull, (the Marshal) which is my character.

If you've never done a murder mystery party before then I highly recommend giving it a go, It's easy to do as there are all sorts of kits to buy (and you could probably find cheap ones in Charity shops) so you can pick a theme that interests you, dress up, and have a giggle (With names like Ivor Bigend and Sheik Dujaluvme a sense of humour is definitely required). All the characters have a motive, but it's fun trying to puzzle out the murderer...

Anyway, that's tomorrow, and it's given me inspiration for a car themed Friday finds.

Show your love of formula 1 whenever you read with this pewter repousse Kindle Cover by Lotul. Make sure you check out all of her other pewter goods, including decorated bottles, IPhone cases, and sculptures!
If decor is what you desire, then this enlarged pen and ink limited edition canvas featuring Jackie Stewart during the German 1966 Grand Prix. Vintage sport auto art have plenty of other striking pieces.
Start your little ones love of cars early with a set of  chunky transportation crayons from Colour me Fun. They almost look to good to use!

 Pimp up your ride with a cool vinyl car sticker from Stickalz. I love the girl and the way her hair is blowing out in the wind, but there are plenty of 'go faster' stripes, animals, and various patterns to choose from!

Add a splash of lipstick red with this cute vintage pocket mirror by Velvet Barnacle. The retro design proves that cars aren't just for boys!

Happy Shopping!

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