Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday Finds: Mothers Day

Mothers Day is on the 3rd Sunday from today. I always struggle with knowing what to get for my mum. She is a 'stuff' sort of person, some people always love more jewellery, stationary, books, clothes, (insert other). This can be an advantage as that person is almost certain to like what ever you get that fits into their favourite category. Then there are the 'traditional' gifts, such as chocolates or flowers. These are all well and good, but can be a bit boring if you give them every year, so here's few gift ideas from Etsy to give you some inspiration for Mothers Days gifts.

Oakwood Soaperie is the  perfect place to start for some pampering gifts. After all, mums work hard to keep their families happy, and are always there to turn too. I love these orange blossom bath bubble bars. It's a nice change from lavender or vanilla, but still soft and fruity. Besides, what's good for mum is good for daughters too, right?

This  shabby chic photo album by Crafting to Stay Sane is simply beautiful. It has such a  luxurious vintage style that your mum will leave it on display to show it off to all her friends. It;s a gift you can make extra special by filling it with photos, and one any mum will surely appreciate.

As someone who would love to try silk ribbon embroidery, and enjoys making cross stitch jewellery, I can really appreciate the work and thought that is behind this pretty blue rose brooch. Bean Town Embroidery are extremely talented to produce this unique piece of jewellery, perfect for the fashionista female.

Quilling is yet another craft I would love to be good at. Paper Daisy Card Design have excelled at this craft, as this gorgeous floral card proves. While you're looking, take the time to check out the many other equally beautiful quilled card craft creations!

Sometimes, a simple gift is the  best one to choose, which is why this hand painted mug by Sharon Bradbrook is so perfect. It's cute, it's useful, and it's always good to remind your mum how much you love her. And no, If you have big long arms, it does not mean that you love your mum more than those of us of the shorter limbed variety. It's all about the S-T-R-E-T-C-H!

Happy Shopping!

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