Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Apologies and Monochrome Projects

Sorry my postings have been pretty sporadic the last couple of weeks, quite a lots been happening. Chris and I have parted ways after nearly 6 years together. It hadn't been right for a while and I'm looking on the positive side, there's no point dwelling on things I can't change. So I'm 26, single, and that means I have more time to do the things I want to do and enjoy myself, one of which includes more stitching!

For quite a while now I've wanted to do a monochrome cross stitch. I also fancy stitching a portrait, but I lack the confidence (and defiantly the skills) to design and edit my own monochrome cross stitch pattern. Luckily, Heaven And Earth Designs (HAED) have a fantastic range of patterns for me to browse. Even better, they currently have a 35% off sale on many of the fantastic charts available. If you're looking for a project, then head over to their website for a range of mystical, gothic, art deco, animals, and much much more choices. (My wish list is 35 charts long, but could easily be much longer if I browsed through more of their beautiful cross stitch charts. Anyway, having had a browse of monochrome portraits mostly of ladies, here are my favourite ones.

Blue Butterflies: I love the innocence of this design by Zindy Nielsen. The girls expression is almost sad, but also thoughtful as if she's pondering something from long ago. The rose and butterflies give hope to this cross stitch design to make it a truly beautiful piece of art.
Midnight Secrets: Selina Fenech's design is truly magical, and appeals to the fairytale loving girl inside. This cross stitch embroidery speaks to me of a fair maiden either escaping from evil clutches or rescuing a loved one in need with her faithful unicorn steed. the mist adds an air of mystery that draws me in...

One was Innocent black and white: Another design by Selina Fenech, this lady is powerful and strong. It reminds me of a heroine in a story, one who is innocent and kind, but intelligent, beautiful, and knows what she wants. Someone who won't rest until she gets it. Determination to do what is right.  

Shh Now: Another Zindy Nielsen and my favourite of the four designs. She beguiles me. i want to know what her secret is. She looks soft and intense all at once, with hidden knowledge. She is young and innocent, but her intense eyes speak of an older, wiser mind. I want to know her, and learn what she knows.

Which is your favourite? I can't decide between Blue Butterflies or Shh Now. I love looking at Blue Butterflies but my eyes keep wandering back to Shh Now. I will definitely stitch one of them, but which...? 

Happy Stitching

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