Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WIP: Peak District Photo Conversion

Over the past month since my last update I have been busily stitching away in my spare time, and I'm about halfway thorough the first page. (so only approx 14 1/2 left to go). I was most definitely not wrong about this being a big project! Anyway, to remind you, here is the photo I converted into a cross stitch chart It was taken along Langsett River in the Peak District on a walk last August.

And here is the photo showing my progress mid December.

Yesterday evening, this is what my cross stitch project looked like! Not bad hey?

The colours are definitely blending together more now, and I'm so pleased that I'm finally stitching with greens instead of just the blues of the sky. The downside is that the greens are taking much longer to finish a square (14stitch x 14stitches), as there are so many more colours per square (between approx 7-10 whereas the blue sky had a maximum of 5, and most only have 2 or 3 different colours). I guess it means my progress will slow, but I will keep stitching away until It's time for another update!

Happy Stitching

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