Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday Finds: Calenders

Happy New Year!

January is a time to make fresh starts, to relax and recuperate from festive fun and look forwards at the future. Its a time when we re-evaluate our life and our goals, and make plans for the coming year. This year I want to look more into going travelling, so that in about year I could be jetting off on an adventure. my sister is busy planning her wedding in November. What are your plans? however small they are e.g a weekend away, they are something to look forward to for the year ahead. And as every body knows, well organised or not, plans look exciting when they're written down, when you see the date fast approaching on a beautiful calender. Which leads me to today's theme, Calenders! I have some treats for you!

I love this bright quirky calender from 23Madison Studio. It's the perfect accessory for today's fashionista! If only a Hermes bag came with it...

Head to ZenBao for this beautiful vintage silver cube that rotates cleverly so you will always know today's date. There'll be no more marking of days on the wall for shipwrecked sailors with this gorgeous calender.  

Do you ever forget it's someones birthday until the day? or simply get fed up copying them all from last years calender? With Totally High Maintenance's funky colourful birthday calender you will never need to worry again. Just add birthdays to each month, and you're away!

calenders aren't just for walls, as Graphic pals prove with their unique, real wood Mayan calender iPhone case. I love the intricate design and it's unusualness. Even the most techie-savvy can enjoy some traditional original work.

Fan's of the famous bard will be racing to buy this trendy Shakespeare calender from Immortal Longings. While you're at it, check out the other Shakespeare paraphernalia on offer, it's fantastic!

If you love all things vintage, then head over to jons creations for this Austrian perpetual calender. Simply hang it on your wall and move the sliders. You'll never have to buy a calender again!

Anyway, after all that I'm off to plan some things for January on my calender at home. 1st item, my birthday (it's the 16th of Jan). 2nd item, my friend visiting, 3rd item, a 3 night trip to Venice!

Happy Shopping!

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