Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday Finds: Aliens!

Have you ever wondered what's out there, hidden amongst the infinite universe of stars and comets. The world is so huge we know hardly anything about it, let alone the universe. Could there be there other life out there?

Personally I find it hard to believe that there isn't some form of life out there. Who knows where or what it could be, maybe there are countless other worlds full of strange plants and creatures. Maybe there are worlds similar to Earth, and maybe there are ones so different that we wouldn't recognise that the life was even life. Who knows, maybe there really are the stereotypical aliens out that somewhere, maybe not, but here's a few aliens you could have in your home, so you appear alien friendly, just in case they ever come and decide to take over our world...

This friendly little Alien worm is perfect for keeping track of all your pens. S/He will be the perfect quirky accessory that will make you the envy of the office. If you fancy making your own you can even buy the pattern too! Get your crazy alien worm from Butterfly Love 1.

Who doesn't have a soft spot for ET, the friendly alien who just wants to phone home. I never had an alien friend when I was a little girl, but how awesome would that have been! Second Chance Jewellery will give you plenty to reminisce about with their geeky ET silhouette necklace.

Jupiter Moon have the perfect twist on a guardian angel, how about a guardian alien instead? The simple bold design is fantastic, even those who aren't sci-fi geeks will love this design.

Tea Parties will never be quite the same when served out of this alien tea pot. from Richard Symons Art. It's unconventional and unique, and will most certainly be the talking point when you pour the tea for your grandma.

I've only got eyes for you. With that many eyes it is indeed quite the compliment. Out from the Shadows card is a great way of showing your sentimental feelings to a loved one in a funny, geeky, science way.

Happy alien hunting!

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