Monday, 8 July 2013

Stitching Tools: The Humble Thimble

I very rarely write anything about the tools I use, or little tips and tricks that I've picked up during my cross stitch and embroidery years. However, we all have out little techniques that we learnt from some forgotten time and place, that we now could no longer do without. Or maybe for you it's a certain invaluable embroidery stitching tool.  After a year and a half of regular blogging it's about time I shared some of my knowledge with you. So, here goes.
This is the thimble I have
The humble thimble is one essential embroidery tool that I could not stitch without. Ok, aside from the obvious needle, thread and fabric. Mine is just a little ridged metal thimble, but it saves my fingers every time I push the needle through. When I first started to stitch several years ago I never bothered with one, and was constantly pricking myself (Ok, that still happens) but I no longer end up with a dent in my finger from pushing the needle through. It is invaluable especially with cross stitches with a small count (more stitches per inch) as the holes quickly become tight with previous stitches. I only have one, however, which means I have spent a fair amount of time searching for it when I've forgotten where I put it 5 minutes ago and have ended up on my hands and knees peering under the sofa for it.
I highly recommend trying out a thimble if you never have. They come in different sizes so get one that's right for you. I also recommend trying out different fingers. I have settled on using my middle finger of my right hand, but I'm sure that many other embroiderers use different fingers. They're cheap, they come in all sorts of different patterns too, so can be a pretty tool as well as a useful one!
What are your thoughts on the humble thimble? A stitching must have that you can't do without or a stitching miss that is left to gather dust wherever it ended up after rolling under the sofa?
Happy Stitching!
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