Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Finds: Hobbits



My best friend Rhian (who I've known since my first PE lesson at secondary school when I was 11) has called me 'Hobbit' for years. In fact, she called me Hobbit so much that even my dad would call me hobbit when she was around.

I can't remember exactly when it all started, but it was probably around the time when Lord of the Rings (LOTR) came out. Being fantasy fans we both saw it at the cinema, and I promptly developed a crush on Frodo Baggins (it was his big blue eyes), while Rhian preferred Legolas (the Elf played by Orlando Bloom).
Despite plenty of teasing on both parts, my nickname had little to do with my crush. In fact, I believe it all began when Rhian compared me to a hobbit.

'Well, you're loyal' she would always say whenever I moaned about the nickname, 'and short' she would mischievously add. (I'm not that short, about 5ft 3" but she is a good 4" taller) My protestations just encouraged her to call me hobbit even more, so I soon stopped and tolerated the nickname, and it stuck ever since. (She even writes 'to hobbit' in my birthday cards!)

Secretly, I think she calls me hobbit as she fancied me as her sidekick (in the way everyone daydreams about being the hero or heroine, with their trusty sidekick being dragged along for the ride). I guess in a way I was a bit of a sidekick, mostly because I could hardly get a word in edge ways, as anyone who has ever met her will no doubt testify that she's a chatterbox.

Now it doesn't really bother me, as besides Rhian being a chatterbox she's also half Welsh, blond, and has a soft spot for David Bowie in Labyrinth so there's plenty I can tease her about!

over time, you could argue that I've grown to accept the nickname 'hobbit' as for her 21st Fantasy fancy dress themed party I went as...
         guessed it...

So, this blog post of Hobbity finds is for her, and everyone else is a bit of a fan of the little creatures from the Shire.

Samwise Gamgee may have been Frodo's sidekick, but he's fierce and a hero in his own right. MoL Gifts has shown his boldness perfectly with their Sam keyring. (Don't worry, Frodo's there too!)

Having a bit of a love of maps (in part due to my enjoyment of walking) This lovely custom map of Middle earth pendant by the Green Daisy Shop had to feature. After all, who doesn't have a part of them that fancies the quite relaxing life of Hobbiton?

If you prefer to play with Frodo and his friends, then head over to Heaven Sent Scraps for this 6 piece LOTR Monopoly Set! Hmm, If I was Frodo and Rhian was Legolas (or leg-less as I have fondly called him) then who wants to be Gandalf, Aaragon, Anwen and Gimli?

We may not wear cloaks anymore, but no hobbit on a quest would be complete with a leaf gift from the Elven woods of Lorien. Get your leaf as his beautiful pendant from the aptly named Enchanted Leaves.

If you fancy taking your favourite gang of hobbits on a quest with you, then hurry over to Hen and Chick for this set of handmade, hand painted hobbit finger puppets.

I love the little hobbit houses of Hobbiton, they look so cosy and warm nestled into the hills, and so does Zen Forest's cute little model. Maybe it will attract little fantasy creatures for your own home.

It's not a bad life being a Hobbit, (as long as you don't have the one ring).