Saturday, 28 July 2012

Friday Finds: Union Jacks! (A day late, sorry!)

I know it's actually Saturday, but hey, It's time for a late 'Friday Finds' blog post.

But first I must apologise for being a day late, I was at a baby shower for my friend Sarah, who is due in about 2 weeks, so it's all very exciting (and a bit scary!) I've known her since my second year at Uni when I lived with her. Since then she's got married, bought a house, and is now having a baby! Very grown up! It was a lovely day for a baby shower, we were all sat outside in the garden, giving gifts, guessing baby weights, lengths and sex, (having had to google the average baby length as none of us knew - 52cm). Unsurprisingly, there was lots of talk of babies, and some talk of weddings (one girl is getting married in 2 weeks) so it was, as expected, all very girly!

We continued the occasion with a BBQ and then watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony. It was to say the least, rather interesting, and we took had great amusement in guessing what was happening, and discussing the merits of certain parts of it. It was, too the least, pretty unique and definitely very British! With the Olympics beginning then, it is of no surprise that this weeks subject is the Union Jack, Great Britain's flag, to support the occasion.

It is a well known fact that we Brits are a nation of tea drinkers, and what more perfect way of serving it than using this fabulously bright ceramic teapot by Maamoon.

The best tea should always come with some cake. After all, afternoon tea just wouldn't be the same without a slice, or a scrumptious cupcake, especially ones served these 'proud to be british' cupcake cases by the Great British Cake Shop.

If you prefer to wear the Union Jack, then look no further than these chic vintage shorts by Ruby Starling Co. If you've got the legs, then show them off!

If you prefer a more subtle way of Displaying the Great British Flag, than how about a unique cross stitch pendant hand stitched by You Sew Should? (Ok, that's me, but there's no harm trying, hey?)

Inject a bit lot of sparkle with Nikkienikolep's fabulous Union Jack wedge boots. They are the perfect attire for a night out!

If nails are you're thing, then head over to nailsRfun for this bold set, guaranteed to be noticed!

Happy Browsing!

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