Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Etsy Shop, 1 month in...

It's been just over a month since I first opened my Etsy Shop at the end of June. I think it's looking pretty good now, with 24 items for sale (which means I've managed an average of 2 listings every 3 days - not bad) including my latest addition, this gold anchor cross stitch earring and ring jewellery set, which can be bought here for only £12.00.

It does however, mean that my 10% off shop introductory offer is drawing to a close, so if you take a fancy to anything in my shop today you will get 10% off the item using the code NEW10. Don't worry if you're too late though, there will be more codes coming...

I have listed 24 items, but as of yet I have only made 1 sale .In case you're curious, it was my Union Jack pendant, which is available here. It is a little disheartening (let's be honest, everyone want to sell lots), but I have 6 shop admirers, and quite a few listing favourites, so that is very encouraging. It's still early days too, and several fantastic crafters with Etsy shops had to wait several weeks for their first sale, but are doing fabulously well now!

In the last couple of weeks I've also joined some Etsy Teams, which are groups to help support crafters, to gain new friends and advice, and to promote new listings, blogs, face book pages and twitter. There is a huge wealth of gorgeous items to be found, as anyone who has read one of my 'Friday Finds' blog post will already have had a glimpse of.

It has encouraged me to keep going with my crafting, and try to get even more on board with publicity, after all, everyone knows you won't sell anything unless you promote it, so that is my task for the month ahead, promote, PROMOTE, PROMOTE!

Happy Browsing!

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