Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday Finds: Caves

Tomorrow I'm going to a gig in a cave. Yes, really. And not just any cave, I'm going to the Devils Arse. Ok, so it's also known as the Peak Cavern, but the Devils Arse is what locals fondly call it. The Cave is in Castleton in the Peak District, is fairly big. Rope makers used to live in the entrance way, although the gig itself will be in one of the larger middle caverns. You can host all sorts of events there, from weddings to party's and gigs!

Tomorrow nights headliners are The Hosts, a Sheffield band whose drummer works with Chris at Shakepeares (hence why we're going, especially as we've got guest list for it). I have yet to see them, and I await tomorrow night with anticipation of greatness. The gig did get me wondering about caves however, and what cavernous themes may exist on Etsy, so I decided to have a look. Here's a little of what I found.

 love Stalagmites and Stalactites, you realise how small and inferior you are and your lifetime when you consider that stalagmites grow at an average rate of 0.13mm a year. (stalactites hang down from the ceiling, stalagmites might, but they don't) This dramatic photograph by Brendan Reals Photography is a perfect example of the amazing caves hidden beneath our feet.

No cave themed search would be complete without some cave art, and Etsy did not disappoint with this beautifully created stag pendant by MG Artisan Pendants. The rest of their shop is well worth a look too, I've had to stop for fear of wanting too many of them!

Burn or Bust prove that cave art needed be limited to jewellery with these fantastic blue coasters. The set of 5 looks almost too good to use. Don't forget to check out their caveman coasters too!

Step back in time with his simple but eye catching clock by Hillary Vermont. I love the use of natural sandstone in a very original and unique way. The perfect accessory for any caveman or woman!

If you would prefer something tasteful, something a little more contemporary for your walls, then look no further than viesereine and the beautifully presented photographs and art prints. This photo makes me want to head into the tress and explore.

If you enjoy dressing up then check out this custom made cave woman costume by Cotureholic will give you a thrill. With the furry fabric and muted colours, you will barbaric enough to keep your caveman under control.