Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Cupcake Decorating!

I spent my Saturday afternoon in a lady's conservatory learning a few techniques about how to decorate cupcakes in a vintage style with a couple of friends.All cupcakes, icing and tools were provided, so it was a lovely way of learning some new techniques! She does other cupcake decorating classes too, check out her website for more information.
At the end of the class, we got to take our beautifully decorated cupcakes home, and I have to say, they taste as good as they look! (although I didn't want to eat them at first as they look so good!)
First up was the bow. When we made the 'trousers' (the tails that hang down) we were a little dubious. Firstly it was really hard to get a straight edge or make it even (practise, practise, practise...) but as the bow came together and we dotted the top it looked lovely. What do you think?

Next up was the cupcake above with the ball on top (or nipple, according to one of our friends). This was the only cupcake that looked good without the top being cut off to make if flat, as the lines drew your eye to the top.

The third cupcake was flowers. I struggled with this the most, despite having cutters to cut the flower. It was the ball rolling to shape the petals. (I managed 1 1/2 flowers in the time my friends made 3 and 3 1/2!) However, I definitely want to practise this technique more as Its one of the prettiest and most delicate looking cupcake decoration. The fourth technique was creating a cameo, and this was the easiest as the sugar paste was pushed into a mold. The flower molds proved by far the post popular, and I love the contrast between the colours and the pearl effect from the piped icing that frames it.
The fifth technique was a brushing technique, we used flower cutters as an outline to then ice and brush towards the centre to create a 'feathered' effect. Our teacher found this very therapeutic, but we weren't so sure. It looks nice but I enjoyed making some of the others more, however, I also think it would look better if the colours were more contrasting. The sixth one was for us to do as we wanted, so I chose another Cameo, this time adorned with a few little flowers.
The cupcakes were all given to us in a lovely cupcake box. Which is your favourite? 

Happy Decorating!

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