Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Finds: Monsters!

Monsters have featured in everyone's life at some point, whether it was hiding under your bed, or scary eyes staring at you out of the dark. It may have been the boogieman, a werewolf, or just something scary. My sister (and me, though I pretended not to be) were both scared of being at the back when out walking, especially in forests in case a wolf or bear jumped out and got us (We were quite young, firstly there's no wild wolves or bears in most of the UK (I think they're trying to introduce wolves to parts of Scotland) and secondly, they would definitely have heard us coming, and would probably have ran away!).

Then there's cute monsters, especially with films such as Monsters Inc, making them fun and friendly, and a bit cool. They don't have to be scary, they are just the unknown. Which leads nicely on to today's selection of fantastic items, but no need to be scared, these are cute monsters!

Kids will love the cute monster decorating this notepad by Crafty Mushroom Cards. Who am I kidding, us big kids will love it too! It's simple, bold and bright. With a furry body and stalk eyes, what more does this monster need?!

Mythillogical's cute devil felted brooch manages to be sinister in a cute way, with it's searing orange eyes. It's pretty quirky, and is obviously happy to be seen,. judging from his grin!

It's cold and dark, and most definitely time to wrap up warm. Jarg0n's funky monster eye hat looks warm and cosy, and will inject some fun to a cold night. Check out the other colours available too!

If you're in charge of any little monsters give them a smile when they're not quite right with these cute monster stamps from Fishcakes. Caution: They may be wrong on purpose just to get a funny stamp!

If you're handy with a crochet hook then head over to larissas custom shop to try your hand making these monster eye slippers. If I knew how to crochet I would be doing just that. In fact, maybe I'll start to learn...

I like a good cookie, and my boyfriend is quite a fan, so much so that I tease him about being a cookie monster. If you're one too then take a closer look at these cute earrings from Merus Handmade Haven.

Happy Shopping

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