Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday Finds: Dragonflies

I had originally decided on blossom for todays theme, but it's grey outside, and looks like it's about to hammer it down with rain, so my mood's not really right for looking at spring blossoms. At a bit of a loss, I decided to see if there was anything on the Etsy homepage to inspire me, and I was not disappointed. This beautiful Golden Breeze Treasury was featured, and the very first item, this beautiful pair of golden dragonfly earrings by CyKLu, gave me an idea I could not pass on. After all, dragonflies are beautiful creatures, and come in all sorts of lovely colours, sparkling and flashing in the light as they dart over the water like flying jewels.
This blank greeting card is the perfect way of sending a special message in a pretty way. It is a print of a watercolour by ARTonStuff, and captures the delicacy of a dragonflies wings perfectly. Check out they other cards too!
mbStitch is a very talented embroiderer who has hand stitched this bold dragonfly design onto a lavender bag. Hand embroidering takes a lot of time and patience (I should know) and this beautiful piece definitely caught my eye.
For some fluttering dragonflies and butterflies take a closer look at this lampshade by WEFT Bespoke Design. The cotton is hand printed, and this natural design is perfect to a touch of the outdoors.
There is a huge variety of gorgeous dragonfly jewellery on Etsy, but this one by Cottage Coppicing attracted me not because of the colour, but because a circle of beech wood has been used to house the dragonfly in a unique and funky style.  
We all have something we hoard, weathers it's buttons, receipts, or jewellery. This beautiful keepsake box is a great excuse to collect even more things! I love the shabby chic design and colours that Spiral Moon Fantasy have used on this hand painted wooden box.
Happy Shopping!
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